Glamorous Lulworth castle wedding with a firework extravaganza

The stars were all aligned for this spectacular October wedding at Lulworth castle, Dorset for Gregor and Tamsin.

The most perfect day dawned as Cara and I set off early in the morning – driving across Devon and Dorset as the sun was rising. The day had that special kind of luminous blue light when you know its going to be amazing all day long- not a cloud in the sky!

First stop was Lulworth castle for an early morning venue visit as we hadn’t been before- WOW- and then WOW again when we saw the inside and the room set up from Rabbit and Rose, what a stunning venue and reception.
The rustic stripped back interior of this castle is something else. Such a stunning backdrop to this very glamorous wedding.
Lulworth castle-88.jpg


After a very excited little visit we headed off in our different directions to get Bridal prep pictures – The set up is I do the girls and Cara photographs the boys. Tamsin and Gregor had both chosen cracking spots for the mornings festivities-Tamsin was with her bridesmaids at Lulworth Lodge and Lulworth cove, The cove is stunning and was bathed in sunlight when I arrived- there even seemed to be a pirate ship sailing across the Cove- I am not sure if the bride and groom had arranged this backdrop to come across at the right moment but it certainly added to the glamour of this fabulous wedding. The boys were safely tucked away in the Castle Inn having pre ceremony pints- what most grooms like todo on the wedding morning- beer for breakfast anyone?!!

Lulworth castle-14.jpg
Lulworth castle-13.jpg
Lulworth castle-2.jpg
Lulworth castle-1.jpg
Lulworth castle-17.jpg

The Chapel next to Lulworth castle looked so pretty with all the flowers and sunshine sparkling through the stainglass windows. This wedding just oozed glamour from start to finish- and the finish was something else- a firework display of epic proportions from the very talented Firework solutions

Lulworth castle-31.jpg
Lulworth castle-111.jpg
Lulworth castle-89.jpg

Lulworth castle-8.jpg
Lulworth castle-5.jpg
Lulworth castle-6.jpg
Lulworth castle-7.jpg
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Lulworth castle-10.jpg
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Lulworth castle-25.jpg
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Lulworth castle-29.jpg
Lulworth castle-30.jpg
Lulworth castle-26.jpg
Lulworth castle-33.jpg
Lulworth castle-32.jpg
Lulworth castle-35.jpg
Lulworth castle-38.jpg
Lulworth castle-34.jpg
Lulworth castle-41.jpg
Lulworth castle-42.jpg
Lulworth castle-44.jpg
Lulworth castle-43.jpg
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Lulworth castle-55.jpg
Lulworth castle-56.jpg
Lulworth castle-57.jpg
Lulworth castle-58.jpg

Lulworth castle-59.jpg
Lulworth castle-60.jpg
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Lulworth castle-62.jpg
Lulworth castle-64.jpg
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Lulworth castle-75.jpg
Lulworth castle-77.jpg
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Lulworth castle-83.jpg
Lulworth castle-84.jpg
Lulworth castle-86.jpg
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Lulworth castle-92.jpg
Lulworth castle-94.jpg
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Lulworth castle-98.jpg
Lulworth castle-102.jpg
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Lulworth castle-100.jpg
Lulworth castle-101.jpg
Lulworth castle-103.jpg
Lulworth castle-104.jpg
Lulworth castle-105.jpg
Lulworth castle-106.jpg
Lulworth castle-107.jpg
Lulworth castle-108.jpg
Lulworth castle-109.jpg
Lulworth castle-110.jpg
Lulworth castle-112.jpg
Lulworth castle-113.jpg
Lulworth castle-114.jpg
Lulworth castle-115.jpg
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Lulworth castle-119.jpg
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Lulworth castle-123.jpg
Lulworth castle-124.jpg
Lulworth castle-125.jpg
Lulworth castle-127.jpg
Lulworth castle-128.jpg
Lulworth castle-129.jpg
Lulworth castle-130.jpg
Lulworth castle-131.jpg
Lulworth castle-133.jpg
Lulworth castle-134.jpg
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