Devon marquee wedding/ Imogen and George / Powderham, Devon

Powderham in Devon is a particularly beautiful spot overlooking the exe estuary so I was super excited when Imogen and George booked me to photograph their June wedding. The family farm the land around powderham castle and have done for generations and the location they chose for the marquee was probably the best view I have had for a marquee wedding before. They had the castle nearby and their very own Belvedere tower within the farm land. This was something else for the couple shots I got later in the day. it was a
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The theme was country fete. Flowers and bunting adorned the marquee and the day dawned bright and warm for Imogen and george. The ceremony was at the historic St Clements church at Powderham, which was in walking distance of the farm. Such a perfect local farm wedding. The bellringers were ringing with joy for these two gorgeous newly weds and it felt like a very local affair as everybody seemed to know each other.

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