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Where to go for the best sunset photoshoot on Dartmoor

The choice for sunset locations on Dartmoor national park are immense but I have a few favourite spots that I love to take couples and families to time and time again. Some are easy to get to and might be a good family choice or one for people with restricted mobility and some are just a massive hike for those adventure lovers out there. My usual clients are pretty adventurous and I am often chasing/puffing after them up the hills with heavy camera bags. Once on top of the tors the views are amazing and the light at golden hour is sensational.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Jess and Stephen, a couple whom I had photographed on their wedding day eight years ago. It was wonderful to see them again and to capture some beautiful photos of them in the stunning landscape of Dartmoor.
We decided to hold the photoshoot at sunset, when the light is soft and warm, and the colours in the sky are at their most vibrant. We set out on foot, exploring the moors and looking for the perfect spot to capture the beauty of the setting sun.
The atmosphere during the shoot was relaxed and fun. Jess and Stephen were up for trying new things and prancing around in the setting sunlight, which resulted in some dynamic and playful photos.
The setting and the light were perfect, and we were able to capture some truly beautiful shots.
One of my favourite photos from the shoot is a shot of Jess and Stephen holding hands and looking out at the sunset. The colours in the sky are stunning, their love and happiness shines through. It’s a beautiful and romantic photo, and it reminds me of why I love photography.
The sunset shoot on Dartmoor was a wonderful and memorable experience. I was thrilled to reconnect with Jess and Stephen, and to capture some beautiful photos of them in such a stunning location. I’m sure the photos will be treasured for years to come.

If you would like to book in for a sunset photoshoot please do get in contact via my website contact page. Also I am running a competition on Instagram to win your sunset photoshoot, this will run for a month and head over to the gram or facebook  for more information.

The best spots on Dartmoor for a sunset photoshoot
skipping across dartmoor

sunset couple in beautiful top
The best spots on Dartmoor for a sunset photoshoot
The best spots on Dartmoor for a sunset photoshoot

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