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The benefits of a pre-wedding shoot | Capturing moments and creating a vibe with your photographer

A pre-wedding shoot offers an array of advantages, including creating a vibe with your photographer, exploring gorgeous locations, and getting comfortable in front of the camera. Remember to dress in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable, paying attention to footwear that suits the outdoor exploration. So, consider adding a pre-wedding shoot to your wedding preparations and enjoy all the benefits it brings to your special day.

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Building a Connection before the wedding day

Meeting your photographer and getting the vibe going: a pre-wedding shoot allows you to meet your photographer in person, establishing a rapport and understanding each other’s style and vision.
Breaking the awkwardness: it provides an opportunity to break the ice, letting you feel more comfortable in front of the camera and creating a more relaxed atmosphere on the wedding day.
Getting the vibe going: you can chat, laugh, and get to know your photographer, building trust and friendship that will translate into more natural and authentic photos.
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Exploring unique locations:

Choosing a special spot: Pre-wedding shoots often take place in locations that hold significance to the couple, such as where they got engaged or a favourite romantic spot.
Expanding photo options: Unlike the wedding day, a pre-wedding shoot allows you to choose unconventional locations, like a beach, a national park, or vibrant cityscape, offering diverse backdrops for your photos.
Flexibility with time: With a pre-wedding shoot, you have more freedom to schedule the session during the ideal time of day, taking advantage of beautiful lighting conditions, like the golden hour or sunrise.
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Getting comfortable in front of the camera:

Building confidence: Having a pre-wedding shoot helps you become more at ease in front of the camera, making it easier to showcase your natural personalities on the wedding day.
Posing guidance: The photographer can provide guidance on posing and help you find the most flattering angles, ensuring you look your best in the photos.
Developing a visual story: The pre-wedding shoot captures the journey of your love story, allowing you to share a beautiful visual narrative during the wedding celebrations. If you want to add one to your package or book an a stand alone engagement shoot, drop me a line

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Additional tips for the pre-wedding shoot:

What to wear: feel free to wear an extravagant outfit that reflects your personal style and makes you feel amazing .
Footwear: opt for comfortable footwear that allows you to move around easily. you might find yourself climbing a Tor or walking in the surf.
Hands-free: it’s best to come as hands-free as possible. avoid bringing bags or coats that may hinder movement or distract from the focus of the shoot.
Bring your pets: Family pets are more than welcome and as long as they allowed on the beach. Some dog treats might work well.

Enhancing the wedding experience:

Personalising the stationery: pre-wedding shoot photos can be utilised for save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, or wedding websites, adding a personal touch to your wedding stationery.
Guestbook and displays: these photos can also be incorporated into guestbooks or displayed at the wedding venue, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests.
Cherishing memories: the pre-wedding shoot photos become cherished keepsakes, serving as a tangible reminder of the excitement and anticipation leading up to your big day.

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